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I, FUJIO KOJIMA, the founder of KOJIMA CORPORATION SDN. BHD., was ordered to make a business trip to Sri Lanka in February 1985, with the object of providing guidance for construction work and recovering losses for an irrigation project. As the 120km-long canal irrigation construction project was suffering from shortage of managers, shortage of materials for earthwork and unexpected downpour, it was my urgent task to take action in improving construction methods, forecasting and making claims for extension of time, and preparing additional claims.

After three months of providing site work guidance with little time for sleep, I was told in a debriefing session by the person in charge from the joint venture partner company, "Some people had told me before your arrival that you were just like the Inch-High Samurai's "Miracle Mallet" and they were absolutely right. As our justifiable grounds and rights to claim additional costs have already been substantiated, our communication with the owner and consultants has improved and we will be able to vigorously push forward our work with full confidence. I am most grateful to you." As these words came from such a senior man when I was only in my mid-30s, it has become a cherished memory accompanied by joy brought on by a sense of accomplishment.

I have since been engaged in project management for more than 25 major projects in 12 countries over a period of 13 years and, on the occasion of setting up my own company, I decided to use the "Miracle Mallet" as our company logo, in the hope that our services would lessen burdens of clients in the same way as the "Miracle Mallet" does.

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