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Guidance on recovering delays in works

It is said that a project manager's primary daily concern is "to meet the work schedule", whether he works at a civil engineering or building construction work site, or is involved in a major project. If construction work is delayed, the project may not be completed by the committed time for completion, causing inconvenience to the Owner. Furthermore, it will impair the Contractor's credibility and will certainly have an adverse impact on its future business.

If construction is behind schedule, there is always a cause. There are, in fact, often a number of causes, including not only tangible causes such as unpredictable underground conditions, climate instability and delayed issuance of drawings, but also many other causes that site managers and staff tend to overlook. In addition, construction methods would probably need to be reviewed.

We, based on years of experience in construction and site supervision, provide proper guidance on how to identify causes of delay in construction works.

Guidance on elimination of budget deficit/improvement of profit and loss account

When any problem occurs in the course of construction, it will cause not only an increase in the construction cost but often, also delay to the construction schedule.

What is critically important in order for Contractors to recover their losses is to analyze the causes of deficits and to prepare a technical report for an appeal to the Owner.

However, a self-satisfied approach often ends up offending the other party. Hiring an expert consultant in the field allows the Contractor to see the whole picture from a spectator's perspective and to reach an amicable solution based on mutual understanding with the other party.

Sales of/Training on Cost Control Software

It is essential for managers at any worksite to carry on their works with construction profit and loss in mind at all times. However, it is not always correct to think that less spending leads to better results. For example, construction of key facilities of a highly public nature occasionally requires extra spending to employ top-notch personnel and/or to purchase new machinery and plant so that loss of time, which is commonly caused by mechanical failure of secondhand equipment, can be minimized.

Even with a relatively high cost, it improves operating efficiency and may eventually result in cost savings.

During the course of construction, Contractors need to at all times keep track of their construction cost and prospective bottom line, i.e. profit and loss at the end of the project. Both of these serve as important data for decision-making, not in order to avoid spending money but "to wisely spend money".

Therefore, "Construction Cost Control Software" is a must-have item at worksites. Introduction of this software enables Contractors to analyze their monthly income from construction and their expenditure by trade, based on which a more accurate prospective bottom line can be forecast.

SAMPLE For PROMAS(Project Master System) size:100KB
  • Balance Sheet for Construction Cost Code
  • Balance Sheet for Work Code
  • Cost Summary for Work Code
  • Cost and Forecast Summary
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